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looking for a little bit of colorant...

updated thu 5 aug 10


Joanie Berkwitz on tue 3 aug 10

I bought some commercial Egyptian Paste (from Amaco) in white, and was
hoping that someone who has a variety of colorants would be willing to
bag up a small quantity of several colors and sell them to me. I just
need such a small amount of each to play with! I'd like some Copper
Carbonate, Chromium, and Cobalt Carbonate. Since there is only a pound
of clay to work with, a couple of tablespoons of each would be quite
adequate. It would be a great kindness, and I would gladly pay for the
colorants and shipping. It's just a little side project and since I
don't mix my own glazes, I don't need larger quantities of those
carbonates. Thank you! Joanie in Carlsbad (waving HI to Phil P and Tig)