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ontario potters - looking for some history help

updated thu 30 sep 10


penni stoddart on tue 28 sep 10

First I think I need to give some background as to why I am asking what I a=
I have been potting for 14 years and doing living history for about 23.
Specifically I re-enact the war of 1812. For a time I had an historic studi=
set up and running at Fanshawe Pioneer Village here in London Ontario.
I have discovered that the OAC (Ontario Arts Council) is offering grants to
individuals to improve their work. I want to dig deeper into the history of
pottery here in Ontario, specifically the early 1800's. My pottery is sold
mostly at 1812 events to both re-enactors and the public. Occasionally I am
asked if I make "this" or "that" and I have to ask -"is it period?".
Occasionally I am asked if what I have is period. I would very much like to
have done the research myself so that I can be sure that what I am doing is
indeed accurate.
Besides the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto is anyone aware of historic
collections that I might be able to view, sketch, take pictures of etc.?
Does the Gardiner have an historic collection? I would like to have a
starting point for myself as well as for the OAC grant application.
Thanks for the help!

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Penni Stoddart
London, Ontario

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