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cordiality advice

updated sat 10 jan 98


Dan C Tarro on fri 9 jan 98

I need some advice from the group on one inch Cordiality shelves. I am
still putting together plans for our kiln building this summer and have
to make some decisions on the shelves now. I assume that warpage is a
fact at cone 10 and 11reduction on these, what I'm not sure of is if they
will warp more on a long narrow shelf in contrast to one more square. I
have my choice of 12"x24 or 20x16. Also, are these usually stilted in all
four corners to help prevent warpage or like si. shelves with the usual
tripod? I have never used these shelves at these temps and any advice or
your experiences would be greatly valued.
Thank you,
Dan Tarro
Oak Tree Stoneware
Ham Lake, Minnesota