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looking for pottery teacher in hollywood beach fl are

updated fri 14 jan 11


Anne Doyle on thu 13 jan 11

Dear Claybuds=3D2C=3D20
i am accompanying my husband on a business trip to Florida in=3D20
2 weeks and am looking for a pottery teacher to help me to make=3D20
better plates on the wheel while i'm there... anyone know of someone?=3D20
I have 3 days available ...
Any and all help as always greatly appreciated. I will have a car so=3D20
i can drive out of the area somewhat... i think where we'll be is=3D20
halfway between Ft Lauderdale and Miami...
Anne Doyle
Saint-Sauveur=3D2C QC

"I expect to pass through life but once.
If therefore=3D2C there be any kindness i can show=3D2C=3D20
or any good thing i can do to any fellow being=3D2C=3D20
let me do it now=3D2C and not defer or neglect it=3D2C=3D20
as i shall not pass this way again." William Penn =