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used kiln advice

updated sun 17 apr 11


David Woof on thu 14 apr 11

Hi Wabbit Wire=3D2C
Less see now: she paid $5550.00=3D3B divided by 20 years =3D3D $13.12 US pe=
r mo=3D
nth or $277.50 as her cost per year for use of the kiln.=3D20
IFBs that have fired for twenty years may look "pretty good" but may be pre=
tty toasted out and I would seriously be concerned about how they would han=
dle a move.
If she won't set a price=3D2C I would offer to pay a small agreed upon pric=
e =3D
(signed agreement) "if" the kiln survived the move in functioning condition=
. Also spell out what will be considered "unrepairable damage" and "funct=
ioning condition." Dot and cross your t's and i's so the friendship can su=
rvive even if the kiln doesn't. (friendly reminder=3D3B not legal advice)
Consider that a brand spanking new one breaks down to only $315.00 per year=
over the next 20 years of relatively carefree service and that you may get=
depreciation write offs as well.
Of course cone 10 solar kiln capabilities are on the horizon: but they will=
be too expensive for the avg. income Joe or Josie potter for the first 10 =
years of production so figure it out!!!
As I remember you from Flagstaff in 2006 you will still be a young buck in =
twenty years with lots of pots under your belt and many more to make. =3D2=
Eat rice=3D2C beans=3D2C and wild greens but never ever skimp on your tools=
or =3D
David Woof
Date: Wed=3D2C 13 Apr 2011 16:40:05 -0500
From: Taylor Hendrix
Subject: Used kiln advice
Howdy doody=3D2C
I have the opportunity to buy a used West Coast Kiln from a fantastic
potter here in town who is soon to move away. She has had this kiln
for 20 plus years and I went to look at it today. I really didn't take
too many pictures of it but the ones I did take are here:
It is an updraft kiln with some rust issues but the brick look pretty
good for 20 plus years of firing. The walls are soft brick interior
backed up by fiber and then cementous board on the outside. The door
hinges look to be in great shape and don't seem to have any heat
damage at all. The burners are 8 venturies firing up through the floor
at the walls and door=3D2C they have natural gas orifices=3D2C but I may ha=
to change them to propane.
I honestly have no idea what to offer for the kiln if I were to offer.
She paid $5500 back then and new ones now cost perhaps $6300. Any
thoughts from the collective? I'm not looking for a cone 10 reduction
monster=3D2C but I would like to experiment with some reduction glazing as
well as some saggar work.
Taylor=3D2C in Rockport TX
wirerabbit1 on Skype (-0600 UTC)



ivor and olive lewis on thu 14 apr 11

Dear Taylor Hendrix,

Trying to guess the value of this kiln, as it stands, is a problem.

My suggestion is to ask how much it is valued as an Asset in her Tax
returns. That gives you a starting point from which to bargain. If she has
been operating a business which involved product from that kiln then it wil=
have been amortized via depreciation. The degree to which this happens
depends upon the I.R. rulings over the time it has been in her possession.
Current value might be minimal but you would be able to calculate a value.

If there is corrosion in the frame, how extensive is it and will it affect
the integrity of the structure ?.

I was offered a kiln last year. It had been used in a school setting for
over twenty five years. I said "No" even though there would have been no

Enjoy the challenge.

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis,
South Australia

douglas fur on sat 16 apr 11

(first up on a 20 Y.O. kiln "cementous board on the outside." mighth be
cement asbestoes board. Some people react to asbestoes as if it were
plutonium. I wouldn't find it a concern as the asbestoes is held in place b=
the cement and only becomes a problem if you want to cut it.)
Have you looked on craigs list or ebay archieves? In desperation I might
look at bluebook prices to see if used car prices could give a sense of
Seola Creek