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level headed advice

updated sun 8 may 11


Ric Swenson on sat 7 may 11

I have a lot of examples of their spirit levels at Stanley..... their plan=
t closed in the 1990s

more is the shame....

.....level is level.....a laser now does a much better job...

I lived in Bennington for 20 years. Near the Shaftsbury plant in Vermont th=
at made them for over a hundred years.....

But I keep my Stanley spirit pocket level to true up my wheel head if I mo=
ve it from one studio here on another. Just bought a new wheel=
from LongQuan...leveled it in about a minute.


they did some great work...wonderful design and craftsmanship.

life moves on....from spirit levels to laser levels....

and further...........from Bell to cell phones.

kick wheels to electric motors....what's next?


nice thought?


> Hi Stephanie,
> The clear flexible Plastic Tubing is a good method for some occasions,
> definitely.