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snail advice!

updated sat 3 dec 11


Lili Krakowski on fri 2 dec 11

Again, once more, Snail gives invaluable advice everyone should take to =
heart and pass on to students and novices.


" Do not blindly follow some rote methodology taught by someone else for =

other purposes. Evaluate your methods for yourself,=3D20
consider the reasons for your methods, and make=3D20
thoughtful choices about the value of those methods to YOUR work. "

It is vital that each and everyone try out "new" techniques, keep the =3D
ones that work in personal circumstances, ditch the others. So often, =
far too often, a novice is crippled by methods and practices taught =3D
that do not apply. =3D20

IMO Workshops with Famous and Important Pottery Personality are the =3D
worst for scaring novices into "false" techniques.

I do not glaze often, nor do I mix up huge garbage cans-full of glaze. =3D
I mix glazes one or two kilos at a time, slips in 5 gallon volumes. I =
sieve them each time I use them. I do not have or use blenders and =3D
mixers--they do no better than sieve and scrub brush--and cleaning them =3D
is a bore.

That is my preference, my work, my studio. Not anyone else's. (And =3D
that, too often, is a limitation of group studios: techniques and ways =3D
of doing things foisted on people whom they hamper, not help.) =3D20

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage