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looking for bylaws/rental agreement example contracts

updated sun 8 jan 12


Peggy Thompson on sat 7 jan 12

I have a piece of property I am fantasizing could be leased into working
spaces for craftspersins/artists and am searching for examples of
agreements and bylaws of places kind of like Baltimore Flatworms and
Torpedo Factory to see if it might BS feasible.

Does anyone have examples, so I might get copies, to study ?Also, I am
open to feedback from anyone who has been involved in a similar project on
any scale in any personal capacity,please.

Do you think there might be any inerest in such an operation?

I woder about zoning and related issues.
I am not speaking of a strictly communal space with totally shared
equipment and supplies like some art centers.

I am thinking along fhe lines of leasing raw interior artist specific space
that tbe artist can self design along guidelines to benefit all and the
operation as a whole.

I may not be able to pull tbis off but am
wishing to see if it might work as I need to repurpose my former
home/studio if I cannot afford to rdbuild our home due to our insurance
being inadequate to cover rebuildung on the former foundation/footprint.

All suggestions would be welcome and suggestions off Clayart are also
welcome. We are reallly stressed out about what to do.

Margaret "Peggy" THompson Arial