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looking for book artists

updated thu 19 mar 98


Marcia Selsor on wed 18 mar 98

Dear Clayarters,
My friend on sabbatical is researching book artists, those who make art books-
one of a kind, paper and all. She is going to New Zealand.
Are there any others in that direction? She wants to interview them.
She has done numerous workshops in the Northwest US. She wants to do some
traveling to other countries as she has interviewed and researched around the
US. I believe she is working on a book. I told her I'd ask this group.
She received a card from Beatrice Wood days ago thanking her for a birthday
card for 105th. I have sent her copies of those obits. She was quite shocked
to hear of Beatrice's death.
Please email me directly as I know this is off our clay subject.
Marcia in Montana