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ceramics assistantship wanted

updated thu 30 apr 98


centa uhalde on wed 29 apr 98

Hi all,
I'm not sure this is OK to do but I'm sure I'll find out. I need to find
some work. Sooooo, on a hope and a prayer I thought I'd cast my net on the
net (ha!) before I hit the streets! So here's my want ad:
Position wanted as a Ceramics Assistant in Bay Area studio/gallery/pottery
(preferrably North Bay). New to the field but eager to learn (as I'm sure
some of you may have gathered from my plethora of ???'s). Able to do simple
glazing, loading, prep work. I have good design and business skills
(computer, writing, sales, ad design, office management). Willing to
perform what some might consider mundane tasks (including myself) in
exchange for a bit of money and an opportunity to learn.

Santa Rosa, CA