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booth advice needed for retail show

updated mon 25 may 98


CCPottery on fri 22 may 98

I have been accepted into some quality retail shows with a product that
requires pedestals. My previous booth set up was a basic table and shelves
arrangement and I am stumped as to the flow pattern needed for pedestals. Can
anyone help? Does anyone know someone who designs booths?? Also, any advise on
where to locate the payment area - back or front??? I've seen both used and
would appreciate input.

Chris - back at work in Carolina after a week of diving in Bonaire. Looked for
potters there, but couldn't find any.

Patti M. Fox on sun 24 may 98

CCPottery wrote:
> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------Does a

I greatly admired the porcelain shown by Carl Erickson at the Stillwater
craft festival last weekend. His card notes that he's selling 'new
production after a 12 year absence from potter'. I asked him what he'd
been doing for 12 years... "designing trade booths". The one he'd made
for himself was exceptional. Don't think he's doing that now, though.

No email on his card.. fax is 612/351-7072, phone 612/351-1379. I'd
bet he'd be able to refer you to someone, and would share the potter's
perspective in booth design demands.

Good luck!