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looking for pots

updated sat 20 aug 11


Dave Eitel on fri 5 jun 98

We are looking for some additional potters ' work to sell in our shop in
Cedarburg,Wisconsin. We'd be interested in seeing your wholesale catalogs
or looking at your webpages. Please email your responses privately to
request our mailing address. Thanks,


Dave Eitel
Cedar Creek Pottery
Cedarburg, WI USA

Carol Ratliff on tue 9 jun 98

I found your request interesting. I can send you some photos or slides but am
not up to speed with a web page and haven't gotten to the point where I have
other wholesale accounts......I have 7 different locations in San Diego & they
all work on consignment. This whole city lives off of us artists & the
consignment deals. I also have my work in the clayarters 1st& 2nd
International gallery in Naples, Maine. (I wrote the article in March CM on
that show) There is a web page for that show & one piece of mine in that
article - lousy choice of photos in my opinion.
I would like to develope a few wholesale accounts, but I do mostly one of a
kind pieces and don't carry one product in a certain size etc. I guess that
is why I haven't pursued locating a wholesale account yet. But I am open to
I have a booth at a large 20 day fair here in San Diego & will be tied up
until after the first week in July.....afterwards I'd like to talk more.
Please send your address & I will gather some photos/slides to send your way.
Tell me about your gallery. What kind of work do you now carry & what did you
have in mind when you asked for more potters? I do great Raku, and have
received several awards in local, national & international shows with my
horsehair pieces.
more later,
carol ratliff

mel jacobson on fri 4 sep 09


Can you throw this on line to your pottery group

"looking for work by Bill Tyner"

from: minnetonka, mn
clayart link:
new book:

mel jacobson on fri 19 aug 11

from tom turnquist.

Could you throw this out to your group?

"Looking for pottery by William Pitney, Ruth Perdew, and Pearl James"

Tom Turnquist 303-988-0442

What is the best way to get young men and women interested in pottery?

from: minnetonka, mn
clayart link: