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updated mon 8 jun 98


John Baymore on sun 7 jun 98

Hi all. Could use some help from the =22massed ceramic minds=22 out there.

I am looking for commercially prepared leadless overgalze enamels.
Sometimes refered to commercially as =22onglaze colors=22. Firing range is =
particularly critical..... usual is something in the 018-016 range. I am
flexible in firing temp. These will be applied by brush and fused onto
already high-fired stoneware glazes. Either oil or water based carrier is

I am particularly interested in the red-ist red that is available without
lead or cadmium. Tough deal, I know. Willing to trade a little redness
for no cadmium. But I still need red.... not brown. The classic =22Kutani
Red=22 is an iron and lead combination, so WITH lead, a nice red is possible
with extremely finely ground iron........ not sure if anyone has solved
that without lead yet. Hope so.

I know there is a company somewhere in europe (Germany, I think) that makes
them (leadless overglaze enamels). Don't know how red their red is and if
it contains cadmium. Also don't know the name of the company or if they
have a US distributor. Any one know this one?

To be honest, I don't want to get into formulating this myself. It'd take
a lot of time and research to accomplish this one right now that I just
don't have. While I mix up most stuff I use myself, I'd prefer to rely on
industrial controls and uniformity on this one, since these colors are a
bit =22touchy=22 to produce. I will if I have to. I have ball mills so if
necessary I can mill the colors and base, but ....... what a hassle.

So ...... anyone got some leads for me? I've been making a lot of calls
the past few days, with no real sucess to speak of. Appreciate the help.



John Baymore
River Bend Pottery
22 Riverbend Way
Wilton, NH 03086 USA