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updated thu 10 aug 06


Isak Isaksson on mon 8 jun 98

Does anyone know about Kate Malone? GB potter and working with crystal =
If you do, please let me know adress, =40-mail.....
Thank you

Take care
Isak Isaksson/Sweden

David Hewitt on tue 9 jun 98

I think that the Kate Malone you want has the following London address:-
Ball Pond Studios,
157 Balls Pond Road,
London N1 4BG.
Tel:- +44 (0)171 254 4037

I have got this from 'The UK Arts & Crafts Guide'. I presume that she
does not have an email address as this is not listed.
You can access the Guide from my web site, go to 'Links' and click on
'The UK Arts & Crafts Guide'. I find this a very useful listing of
British Potters.
In message , Isak Isaksson writes
>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>Does anyone know about Kate Malone? GB potter and working with crystal =
>If you do, please let me know adress, =40-mail.....
>Thank you
>Take care
>Isak Isaksson/Sweden

David Hewitt
David Hewitt Pottery ,
7 Fairfield Road, Caerleon, Newport,
South Wales, NP6 1DQ, UK. Tel:- +44 (0) 1633 420647
Own Web site
IMC Web site

L.P. Skeen on sun 12 sep 99

Does anyone know ceramic artist Jan Havens? A teacher on another list
is looking for her. If you can put me in touch w/ Jan, pls let me know
off list.

Lisa Skeen ICQ#15554910

Living Tree Pottery & Soaps, Summerfield, NC

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Wood Jeanne on sun 19 nov 00

A lady named Kim is "desperately" looking for a potter
in Oregon named Ellsworth.
Ellsworth, if you are on this list kindly respond to
Thank you.
Jeanne W.

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Anji Henderson on mon 26 nov 01

Ron Burke or any leads...

Someone asked me about him and I have heard the name
but I am not sure where why or when.. Well actually
why must be connected to clay ... ;)

Any web page, city, state, what ever is appreciated...


Good art does not have to match your sofa!!

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Bunny Lemak on tue 8 aug 06

A fellow Clayarter out there does tiles in a glaze that looks matte, but
kinda shiny too. The colors almost look like Raku, but I do not believe
it is. The tiles come in all sorts of colors, mainly blues, greens, reds
and a silver, sometimes all in one tile.

I saw it in your website, that was attached to thread. Problem is I don't
remember WHO it was and didn't save it. :0(

If this is you, or you know who it is, please, please contact me!

Thank you!