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looking for potters

updated tue 9 nov 10


Tom Wirt on sat 7 nov 98

Hi Wendy,
Awhile back you listed several types of pottery and glazes you were looking for
for Philly.

Q: Was that list generated by looking at the show and seeing what was missing?,
or from conversations with buyers. We're working on several matte or low gloss
glazes, a texture you indicated was needed. Hopefully one or more will be ready
for February. We'll see. I will say that our matte white with green is running
about 50-50 with ever-present blue.



mel jacobson on mon 8 nov 10


Can you get this out to your group,

"Lookong for pots by Ruth Perdew, Bill Tyner, and Don Glasgow"

Tom Turnquist
Thanks in advance

from: minnetonka, mn
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new book: