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kiln advice needd

updated tue 9 mar 99


Lana Reeves on sat 6 mar 99

Hi Everyone,

I have been looking at Olympic Torchbearer Kilns for about a year-- either =
2331 or the 2831-- and would like to hear from anyone, pro =26 con, who has =
them. The recent thread dealt with problems related to firing with =
propane. I
would be using natural gas, and I gather this would make a big difference.

I learned to fire at Mudflat, on Olsen updrafts, I mostly fire a 50cf car =
So it feels like I will be going from an 18 wheeler to a sports car, and
information, advice, tips, will be appreciated.


Lana in Somerville =3D=5E..=5E=3D

Marc Ward on mon 8 mar 99

Lana wrote;

Yes, it can. Here's a note from our catalog;

NOTE: Natural gas hook up involves many variables. The available pressure,
length of pipe run and the number of turns, pipe size, and the meter capacity
all affect the amount of gas that can be delivered to the kiln. Please consult
with us if you have any questions.

Lana, feel free to give us a call if you have any specific questions, but a
licensed plumber that is certified to perform fuel gas installations or the
gas company itself should be able to answer any questions you may have. The
most important thing you need to tell them is how many BTU's/Hr the kiln will
need. If any of you have specific questions/problems you'd like to discuss,
I'll be at NCECA in Booth 53. Even if you don't have any questions, stop by
and say hey...

Marc Ward
Ward Burner Systems
PO Box 333
Dandridge, TN 37725
423.397.2914 voice
423.397.1253 fax