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addresses anyone?

updated mon 5 apr 99


Hluch - Kevin A. on tue 9 mar 99

Is there anyone out there who has an address for the following

Peter Saenger
Randall Au
Greg Pitts
Bill Schwaneflugel
Jo Severson
Joseph A. Triplo

Please forward to me off the list....

If any of you have the name and address of a North American potter who
you feel is exceptional on both counts of beauty and utility,
please feel free to forward that information to me as well.

Thank you.

Kevin A. Hluch
102 E. 8th St
Frederick, MD


Elca Branman on wed 10 mar 99

Joe Triplo lives in Stone Ridge ,Nacross the road from where I lived and my box was PO131 C I'd try him
at POBox 140, US Hway 209Stone Ridge , N.Y.12484 or use the phone book
Elca Branman.. at home in Sarasota,Florida

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Hluch - Kevin A. on sun 4 apr 99

Does anyone have the addresses for the following potters?

Nancy Adams
George Bowes
Andy Brayman
Ed Brownlee
Sam Chung
Kathie Regan Dalzell
Wendy Dubin
Stephen Gerould
Susan Harris
Jason Hess
Ayumi Horie
Sarah Jaiger
Eric Jensen
Mark Johnson
Lori Keenan
Tom Maxfield
George McCauley
Don Nakamura
Neil Patterson
Claudia Reese
Jane Shellenbarger
Stacy Snyder
Mark Tomczak
Tim Turner
Thomas Wiggins
If you do, I would appreciate it if you would forward them to me off the

Thank you.

Kevin A. Hluch
102 E. 8th St
Frederick, MD 21701