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vince's good advice

updated wed 19 may 99


Beverly Walker on tue 18 may 99

Thank you Vince for taking time to give us that excellant discourse about
photographing our own ceramic pieces. Most of us are capable of doing this
given the proper direction and a little bit of =22I will get it to =
attitude. Through some great tips from our helpful group, I have just taken
some very nice slides. I've used up a lot of film during this exploration, =
it was still cheaper than going to a photographer. I just completed my last
shoot and examined the slides with a great sense of satisfaction. So, I =
to encourage everyone to do their own photographing.

The only piece of equipment that I have any money in is the camera and that =
an OLD 35mm SLR. The rest of the setup I have put together myself. BTW, =
excellant suggestion about a formica sheet for the backdrop=21 That will be=
to my setup now. And yes, I found that the l-o-o-o-n-g sweep of the =
backdrop is
most important to great backgrounds and light control.

From somewhere in the past posts came the suggestion to use white rip-stop =
to cover the front of the soft box. I found it at the local fabric store, I =
to call a couple of places but they knew what I was talking about and it's a
normal item for them. Perfect weight and priced right. My soft box setup =
as sophisticated as Vince's, with the fan and all, but the heat didn't =
this stuff at all.

Oops, I guess it is easy to get carried away. Just wanted to reinterate =
encouragement to everyone and thank all of you that take the priceless time =
give out helpful advice.