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wanted: used slide projector

updated fri 21 may 99


Rachel and Eric on thu 20 may 99

Dear Potters,
I'm looking for a used Kodak carosel slide projector with which I
plan to put on slide shows in the pottery villages of Oaxaca, projected
against white washed walls in dark adobe rooms or on bed sheet screens
blowing in the breeze. The subject? The potters themselves of course.
Imagine seeing yourself, potting away on the big(ish) screen for the first
time ever. Ought to make you proud of your work, no?
Problem is, not a kodak projector to be found here 'bouts, and those
pretty new ones in the states are out of the personal budget. So, if you've
got one collecting dust in the garage, or know of one, PLEASE send me an
e-mail and we'll talk business.<>

muchas gracias, Eric

Rachel Werling
Eric Mindling
Manos de Oaxaca
AP 1452
Oaxaca, Oax.
CP 68000
fax 011 52 (952) 1-4186