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looking for a blue/turquoise glaze

updated thu 17 jun 99


Lisa Goldberg on wed 9 jun 99

Does anyone have a good recipe for a blue turquoise glaze?

Lisa in Yellow Springs, OH

Pat Colyar on thu 10 jun 99

OK, let's all yell at Lisa together:

WHAT CONE?!!!!!!!!!!

Mary Ernst on sat 12 jun 99

Don't know what temperature you are firing nor if it is a reduction
or oxidation environment, but here is a recipe that covers a very wide
range 5-9 in both ox and reduction. It is a reliable glaze that I got a
while back from a post on ClayArt.
Val Turquoise
Custer Feldspar 27.6
Gerstley borate 16.87
Flint 21.32
Whiting 8.82
Dolomite 2.9
Copper carbonate 2.34
Bentonite 0.8

Mary in Charleston... who, thanks to the fellow ClayArtists, has
restored most of her clay links and bookmarks (and has acquired a whole
lot more). I also broke down and bought a tape backup system for this
pesky computer.

ababy sharon on sat 12 jun 99

I made allot of testing out a base I had and was hard to use.This one I
send here is the best so far works from1100C(maybe even lower) up to
1240C-Oxidation.As it contains ALLOT of sodium, it`s a crackle glaze.
Silica 46
Whiting 9
Soda Ash 26
Soda Feldspar 5
Cryolite 14
Barium Carb.5
Copper Carb.3.6
For more Blue Copper Ox. Instead of the carb.
Can add About 0.1%of cobalt Ox.
Can add 1 % Granular Ilimenite.
And can Join me On my searching of the most beautiful Turquoise, and good
Crackle Glazes.

good Luck


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From: Lisa Goldberg
Sent: Wednesday, June 09, 1999 10:50
Subject: looking for a blue/turquoise glaze

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> Does anyone have a good recipe for a blue turquoise glaze?
> Lisa in Yellow Springs, OH

Mike Bailey on wed 16 jun 99

In message , writes
>Hi Mike!
>I know I forgot to say I'm looking for a cone 10 glaze and barium carbonate
>is OK I guess.
>The following glaze is a Barium type turquoise with a wide firing
range.^6 upwards.

Potash Feldspar 49.0
Hyplas 71 9.0 (or any high silica ball clay)
bentonite 1.0
Barium Carbonate 27.0
Whiting 14.0
Copper carbonate 2.5

the colour response is quite sensitive and dependent on the clay body.
It also seems to go bluer when fired as fast as possible.

Hope this is of interest

Best regards,


Mike Bailey.
bath. U.K.