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looking for a potter-job from hungary

updated tue 27 jul 99


Molinaro, Mary on sun 25 jul 99

Dear Artists,,

I would like to introduce myself then to tell,
you my ask. My name is Attila Bodo (28), I live in Hungary, my,
qualification as well as my hobby is to make ceramic pieces. I have a,
practice of 11 years in the profession. It is for causes of living on one,
hand and amplifying my professional experiences on the other hand that I,
am looking for external help.The opportunities here in Hungary are rather,
poor. So my aim is to get abroad to be employed as a potter. I appeal to,
You in this matter wondering if You should tell me something promising in,
connection with this. I mean I would like to get informations about whom,
and how to make contact with in this matter. ,

I'm waiting for your answer with thanks in advance. ,,