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looking for cone 6-8 faux wood fired look

updated thu 2 sep 99


Andie on tue 31 aug 99

Hi! I'm looking for a cone 6-8 glaze that will give me that matte,
orange/tan/brown/reddish look that you see on some wood fired pieces.
Unfortunately, I only have access to an electric kiln, so I'm going for that
look, though I know it won't be as genuine as if I'd fired for 14 hours in
the rain.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Jon Kirkendall on wed 1 sep 99


I just tried something from Lana Wilson's book that gave a really great
matte orange/tan/brown/reddish look at cone 6. It was:

Lithium Carb 50
redart 50
bentonite 20

Now, that was the recipe. I did it by weight, and wondered if the
"bentonite 20" was a typo and supposed to be 2, but I did put in 20 and
got some really fine results. She reports that its very runny but it
wasn't in my tests. In fact, brush marks were very visible. Too

I wonder if anyone on the list have tried any of her other suggestions
for the woodfired look?

Jonathan in DC,
where I just finished replacing a garage door on my studio with an
insulated exterior wall (with recessed shelving on the inside!!!) and
had no idea that I would learn so much about construction when I decided

to be a potter.