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who wanted the horse glaze?

updated mon 13 dec 99


Janet Kaiser on sun 12 dec 99

Sorry, I cannot remember who it was asked for the glaze Fiona Clai Brown =
uses on
her stoneware sculptures (horses). It is some time ago now...

However, after speaking to Fiona yesterday, she is happy to share her =
Nothing earth shattering or complete though.... She simply said it is a
commercial glaze from Country Crafts which she =22adulterates horribly=22. =
It is
basically a dense turquoise/verdegris sculpture glaze, to which she then =
adds dolomite or slate dust depending on the effect she wants. The streaking
comes from her glazing technique and/or layers of poured glaze which she =
wipes or scrapes off to create highlights of body (rather than using glaze =
highlight areas). Judging from the body (clay) it is fairly high fired. =
Sorry, I
forgot to ask that.

She makes no apology for using a commercial glaze. It is stable and can be
=22adulterated=22 without too many mishaps. Her main interest is in the =
form, not
what she considers mere =22decoration=22.

Indeed, I have noticed that the animals she likes most herself are virtually
unglazed. They are also the ones which do not sell well=21 The great British
public want their money's worth=21 Anything ceramic without a glaze is =
equated to
a plant pot at best, or unfinished work at worst=21

Janet Kaiser - still trying to =22educate=22 the public to all CONTEMPORARY =
and appreciation of work post-dating Wedgwood, Doulton, Coalport =26 =

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