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advice for newbies

updated thu 16 dec 99


I.Lewis on wed 15 dec 99

Paul Taylor brought back a few memories with his information

=3CMixing hard and soft clay you need a very firm and semi absorbent =
surface. Slam
the clay half off the table, separate the two halves with your thumbs and =
the half in your hand on top of the one on the table keep the faith and =
until the clay is mixed=3E

Not heard this described before. I learned to do it thirty five years ago. I
call it Sunderland wedging. It was used extensively by Ron Mottram when He =
teaching Clay at the Art School there. Yes, it really works and is a good =
faster than wire wedging. Slam and shear about twenty two times and you =
over a million layers

=3CTurning: Promise your self to learn to tap center=3E

Secret of tap centring. Count in a one- two beat. Once the offset brushes =
left hand start counting 1 , 1 , 1 , 1 until you get the rhythm of your =
wheel. Then start to syncopate your count 1-2, 1-2, 1-2, 1-2. On the second =
tap the opposite side of the pot 1touch-2tap, 1touch-2tap.. Learned that one
from Seth Cardew. Now Seth is a great musician. He's got Rhythm.

Best regards to all you inquisitive learners