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fw: irish potters -address needed

updated fri 25 feb 00


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From: Amy Jacobsen

Subject: Irish potters -address needed

This is about a 40 minute drive, less to Thomastown, but I wouldn't have
foggiest who to call about a course there. These are the pottery shops in
Kilkenny, maybe they would know something about a course in Thomastown:

Castle Arch Pottery 353-56-51933
Cillcuain Pottery 353-56-71133
The Castleyard Pottery 353-56-63335
Stoneware Jackson 353-56-64388

I have found a craft center in Thomastown. Maybe they could help:

All that Glisters 353-56-24081

Also, here is the phone and fax numbers for the Craft Council in
Kilkenny...maybe the numbers are different from the one Ronan has:

Phone 353-56-61804 or 62734
Fax 353-56-63754

The 353 in all the numbers is the county code for Ireland and the 56 is the
area code for Kilkenny. Good luck!

Amy (in Waterford, Ireland)

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> From: Ronan ORourke
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> Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2000 2:06 PM
> Subject: Irish potters -address needed
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> Does anyone know the address of the pottery skills course based in
> Thomastown, Kilkenny ?
> I have made numerous attempts to contact the crafts council of Ireland
> who
> fund the course but have been unsuccessful.
> Thanks in advance for any help.
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> > BFN Ronan
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Wolverhampton UK