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kiln selection advice wanted

updated mon 24 apr 00


Bob Gaudreau on sun 23 apr 00


I am looking for some advice regarding the selection of a kiln. I am looking
to purchase a kiln (and related equipment) that will give me the widest range
of firing options.

My current thinking is the Olympic Raku 2327, propane option, thermocouple
safety shutoff, shelving, ITC coating and Fireball Oxyprobe.

Needs to be located outside due to space limitations. Urban environment
eliminates wood firing. Natural gas to property but hesitant to get
utilities into picture. Don't want to spend more than $3,000 on this item,
but will remain flexible.

1) Will I have a problem with this kiln and the Oxyprobe because the body of
the kiln is raised to access the ware?
2) Can this kiln be refitted to use Nils Lou's No Freeze raku burners to
avoid frozen tanks? Original burners appear to fire straight up but No
Freeze seem to be oriented horizontally.
3) Will this kiln bisque, low-fire, high-fire, oxidation fire, reduction fire
and raku? A tool that advertises that it can to everything sometimes does
nothing well. Is there a better option?
4) Should I coat all furniture with ITC?
5) Rhetorical question: Olympic build's Axner's kilns to spec with ITC
coating so why don't they have this as a purchase option for their own line?

43, many classes over decades, prefer wheel, a little supervised firing
experience (few electric firings, more gas/propane raku), mechanically
inclined (welding beyond me) and I'm a loooong time lurker (thanks for much
info over years).

Hobby level now with long term goal to slowly retire from computer profession
to ceramic profession (latest technology of man to earliest :-)). I write
like a nerd don't I?

Thanks in advance for your advice.
Bob Gaudreau
near Philadelphia, PA