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looking for pottery-related job in detroit area

updated sat 20 may 00


Sarah Bailey on tue 16 may 00

Hello all,

I'm moving to the Detroit area in September and am
searching for pottery-related positions in the area:
teaching, throwing production ware, managing a
school/art center studio, just about anything that'll
keep me working with clay. If anyone has any
information or suggestions of places to look, please
let me know (direct e-mail:


Sarah J. Bailey
4000 Edmunds St. NW #4
Washington, DC 20007

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ImagineRen@AOL.COM on wed 17 may 00

While we cannot offer any paying work, our non-profit organization works
primarily with clay with our Empty Bowls Project. It is an international
grassroots effort to fight hunger. You can visit our website at to learn about the project. We also make an occassional
clay mural with school or community groups and have guest artists do
workshops in our studio one hour north of downtown Detroit. We have
quarterly both-making days to make bowls for our various activities. John is
a retired high school clay teacher and Lisa is the manager of the Education
Studio at The Detroit Institute of Arts. Give us a call (248.628.4842) or
e.mail when you get to town or sooner if you wish.