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looking for apprenticeship

updated sat 17 feb 01


Jen Locke on mon 26 jun 00

Hello! I am looking for an apprenticeship anywhere in the United States.
I graduated with a BS in Art Education, and for the past two years have
been living in Japan. I have been studying with a potter here, and I would
now like to pursue a career in ceramics. I will be returning to the States
in August. Please send e-mail to

Thank you!
Jennifer Locke


snail mail: W306 Casa La Vita, 463 Senpuku Cho, Takefu City, Fukui Ken Japan 915

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Dustin Pie on thu 16 nov 00

Hello, my name is Dustin from Iowa.

I am looking to relocate out west and am also looking for a potter to work
with--preferably a wood-firer.
If anyone out there is/knows of someone willing to take on an eager
apprentice, please contact me.

Thank you,

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AMY MACHEN on wed 14 feb 01

Hello clayarters- I am looking for an apprentice position in Kentucky. If
there are any prospective potters out there in Kentucky, who are looking for
an apprentice, please contact me at
i currently live in FL. but am relocating in July, 2001. Thank you-Amy
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Jean Cochran on thu 15 feb 01

Dear Amy,

This is my second e-mail to you on the above referenced subject.

Are you interested in entering into a dialog with me?

Jean Wadsworth Cochran
Fox Hollow Pottery
2795 Younger's Creek Road
New Haven, KY 40051
(502) 549-8225