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hands advice

updated mon 24 jul 00


Joyce Lee on sat 22 jul 00

Thank you for the many hints... but for now ... though I began with
hands just yesterday, I wound up doing owls shortly afterward .......
don't know WHY owls nor how process changed, but they kept me in the
studio until late last night and again early this morning, very early,
think it was 3 a.m. ..... I am not, nor have I ever been an
owl-collector. I love owls in the wild having had several humorous
experiences with them, but ceramic owls have never meant much to me.
However, I am now doing owls... handbuilt owls, extruded owls and thrown
owl bodies .... just exploring and experimenting. Can't wait to make an
owl bowl..... pronounced ole bole....... or oul boul?? I will eventually
be inspired again to do hands, I'm sure .... you ever do something
similar? Hope it turned out well.

In the Mojave