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looking for a glaze called "flame"

updated mon 24 jul 00


Jan Adams on sat 22 jul 00

Just got back from a lovely day at the Craft Fair of the Southern
Highlands in Asheville, NC. Bought some great mugs from students from
Haywood Tech. and they told me the name of the glaze is flame. It's an
orange-red matt surface that is wonderful. The lady I spoke with said
it's very common, but I haven't seen it referenced anywhere. If anyone
is familiar with it and wouldn't mind sharing, I would love to try it.
I've been looking for one like this to use under my woodash glaze.
Looking forward to lunch in Little Switzerland next Saturday!


GURUSHAKTI@AOL.COM on sun 23 jul 00

Sounds like it might be Shaner's red. Look in the archives. The recipe may be
in there.You may have to play with the amount of iron a bit, but Shaner red
is a nice matt iron red.