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looking for a pottery workshop in japan( outside of tokyo)

updated sat 22 jul 00


Aiko Ichimura on fri 21 jul 00

Hello people,

I have received a request from a budding American potter from Tokyo.
He has lived in Japan over 10 years and is planning to take a 2 week
in August( 06- 22).

He would like to get away from Tokyo and would like to find a workshop
in places such as Kasama, Mashiko, Shigaraki or other places.

He tells me he is not fluent in Japanese. I posted his inquiry to the
potter Mailing list. So far no reply. I guess that the Japanese potters are
reluctant to have a foreigner who needs English instruction.

So he and I thought that there must've been some American potters who have
taken workshops in Japan before him. This is why I am posting his inquiry
to the Clayart. Please advise whatever you can. Once we find out where
he should contact, he has a friend who is a Japanese and is able to assist
for arranging the whole thing in Japanese.
Thank you in advance.

Aiko Ichimura
1411 Hopkins Street
NW DC 20036 USA