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looking for artists

updated fri 28 jul 00


Laurie dill-kocher on mon 24 jul 00


I have been looking for the following artists:

Douglass Dawson
Peter Hayes
Steven Heinemann
Mark Hewitt
Yoshiro Ikeda
Charlene Felos
Barbara Nanning
Julian Jadow
Ryoji Koie
Robert F. Nichols
Elspeth Owen
Jack Slentz
Robert Turner
James Watral
Candone Wharton

anyone having the addresses of these artists please email me or send them my
email address.


Laurie dill-Kocher/

Dannon Rhudy on tue 25 jul 00

Yoshiro Ikeda teaches at Kansas State University (think
that is the name) in Manhattan, Kansas. He does not
spend the summer there, though.

James Watral teaches (as of this spring, anyway) at
Eastville Community College, in Mesquite, Texas.


Dannon Rhudy

>Yoshiro Ikeda
>Charlene Felos
>Barbara Nanning
>Julian Jadow
>Ryoji Koie
>Robert F. Nichols
>Elspeth Owen
>Jack Slentz
>Robert Turner
>James Watral
>Candone Wharton
>anyone having the addresses of these artists please email me or send them my
>email address.
>Laurie dill-Kocher/
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Dannon Rhudy on wed 26 jul 00

This correction from Fred Sweet - he's right, it should
be Eastfield College. Mea culpa:

Saw your message on ClayArt (digest form), this evening, and noted that you
had inadvertently listed James Watral as teaching at "Eastville" Community
College. I think that your fingers got ahead of you, and you meant to type:
"Eastfield" College. All other information for James is correct.