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looking for used slab roller

updated thu 13 nov 03


Sandra Dwiggins on mon 24 jul 00

Hi, claybuds--
I'm looking for a used slab roller. The small art school where I'm
currently teaching can't spring for a new one, but I was told that if I
could find a used one, that might work.

I'll travel to pick it up. I'm in Maryland near DC, but I'll travel
anywhere within reason. Since I'll be moving my daughter to Boston, even
Massachusetts/Connecticut is possible.
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Tim Skeen on tue 25 jul 00

>Hi, claybuds--
>I'm looking for a used slab roller.

Hi Sandy
If you can't find one, Greg Lamont (I think it was him) sent me plans to
make a slab roller. My husband built it and it works great. I have a
studio that I teach beginners and have open studio for other potters so it
gets a workout. It makes some groaning noise when we roll with it but it
sure makes even and wonderful slabs. We had a welding shop make the roller
and handle for us, that was before I took a welding class. If you have a
wood and metal shop at the art center your in business. I don't have the
plans anymore but you could check the archives. Good Luck!

Best Wishes,

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leo on wed 12 nov 03

anyone (in ky. or bordering) selling a used slab roller?

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