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indepth knowledge on saltglazing wanted looking for someone expert

updated thu 28 sep 00


vivek patel on wed 27 sep 00

in saltglazing to learn

HI, This is a message for all the clayarters who are
into saltglazing artware or even otherwise. I have a
unit manufacturing saltglazed stoneware sewer pipes
and tiles in the city of Ahmedabad in India. My
grandfather started this unit in 1958 and we have been
doing it ever since. After my entry in 1991-92 i
started manufacturing all sorts of tiles that were
saltglazed and this is still in progress.
My problem is that i want to get more detailed
knowledge on this subject specifically. I am getting
my work scanned and that should be on the net in about
a fortnights time. I tried to look for any school or
educational institution that would offer indepth
knowhow on this subject but I havent found any.
Sometime back I was advised by someone on the list to
post a posting on this list and look or ask for any
potter or clayarter dealing specifically on the
subject of saltglazing. I was further advised to find
someone who might need a helping hand or
I am slated to come to the U.S. in December this year.
Is there anyone who needs help with pottery around his
or her place .That way I could learn more on
saltglazing and even help anyone who might need help.

Please mail to me if I fit in there.

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