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wanted in motown

updated fri 29 sep 00


Tony Clennell on wed 27 sep 00

Friends: The Director of Galleries at Pewabic in
Motown is trying to contact the following list of
artists. If you have any addresses or phone #'s could
you send it to Ruth Jensen
Pewabic Pottery
Here is the list of wanted dead or alive
Carrie Ann Parker
Lee Stoliar
Doug Jeck
Mary Harden
Joseph Siegenthaler
Joseph Brown
Victor Cisansky
Scott chamberlain
P.S We have been asked to be in the Pewabic Christmas
show and Ruth asked me how to get in touch with these
people. I said" Clayart is you're best bet. 3000
Thanx T.C

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tgschs10 on thu 28 sep 00

There was once named a potter "Iwanther"
and a woman named "I wanthim"
And together they made "erim"
And "Erim" made glorious pots