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updated sun 26 nov 00


vince pitelka on sat 25 nov 00

> What you have may be "quarry tile," it is probably frostproof, and
> therefore, maybe not really terra cotta. You could try a google search for
> quarry tile as a starter.

This is a bit confusing. You seem to imply that the tile could not be
terracotta if it is frostproof. But of course all the architectural
terracotta in the northern US is frostproof. Terracotta cannot be
vitrified, because it will slump and bloat before that happens, but it can
be fired close to vitrification, and that is what they do with architectural
terracotta, as mentioned in an earlier post.

All the quarry tile I have encountered is terracotta, but I think that some
tile manufacturers today are selling a vitrified brown stonware tile as
quarry tile. Such a tile will almost surely be less frostproof than true
quarry tile.
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