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looking for glaze

updated mon 4 dec 00


will edwards on sat 2 dec 00


I am looking for some aventurine glazes at ^6 ox. Should anyone be willin=
g to
offer up some recipes on these please do. I may have some glaze recipe I =
trade out?


William Edwards

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Wade Blocker on sun 3 dec 00

Here are some recipes I have used successfully:

Ferro Frit 3223 50
Black Fe oxide 5
Kaolin 5

Use this glaze over a Matt glaze. Slow cooling in oxidation will form
red crystals.


Frit 3134 80
RIO l5
Magnetite l
Kaolin l0
Bentonite l

Use this glaze over a tan matt glaze. Use this and other adventurine
glazes on the inside of bowls, since they tend to be runny.
The above two glazes can be used to cone 9, provided the underglaze
will mature at that temperature.

Frank Hamer Teadust adventurine cone 6 Jet black opaque with sparkles

Potash spar 50
China clay l5
Flint 5
Whiting l5
Manganese dioxide 5
Cobalt oxide 5

Use this over another glaze or vitrifying slip.

Good luck, Mia in sunny ABQ