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looking for a roomie

updated thu 31 oct 02


ILENE MAHLER on wed 20 dec 00

I finally got my ticket for Charlotte and thought that I had a roomie
for the pretour but she will be sharing with someone else....Seeking new
roomie.Non or smoker Heck I raku nothing phases me...Seriously have my
ticket and can't change without penalty......Some one out there must be
in the same situtation as me...References..I pot...Ilene in Cold snowy

Ilene Mahler on wed 30 oct 02

Now that my HERo Malcom Davis one of the Masters of SHINo will be giving =
a workshop before the convention.I am looking for someone to share a =
room and a rental car or I could chip in for gas etc. for the workshop =
at Nottingham center the sat till mon or tues nite before ...Ilene in =
Conn..I will be sharing a room with Ann Semple at the convention...