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searching for a mystery link

updated sat 6 jan 01


Bill and Sylvia Shirley on fri 5 jan 01

I'm having a senior moment. Some time ago, there was a
question posted from somebody in europe (maybe Belgium or
Denmark?). They were asking for information about a pot
they had purchased in the states. I can't remember the name
of the pottery, but it seems like it had the word MUD in it
somewhere. Anyway, I think someone wrote back with a link
to a newspaper article about that pottery. It was run by a
man and his wife in Golden City, Missouri.

Since I live near Golden City, I made a mental note (big
mistake) and thought I'd like to check it out further
sometime. Well, it seems that my bookmark is gone. I've
been searching the archives but can't find it anywhere. I
may have the facts all twisted up in my mind, too.

Does anybody remember that, or have the information on the
pottery in Golden City, Missouri?


Sylvia Shirley