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looking for a cone 6 ox transparent blue-green

updated sat 13 jan 01


David Malicky on fri 12 jan 01

I'm looking for a cone 6 ox transparent or semi-transparent glaze, with blue-green coloring,
preferably not too toxic. Its for covering marbled porcelain, so I want the marbling to show
through. Crazing is ok.

I have a "Copper Blue" recipe which has great color, but it pinholes, goes opaque in
spots, and has a lot of zinc.

I've also tried adding copper ox (1%) to a number of my clear recipes, but the copper causes an
unattractive rippled/orange-peel surface. Any idea why?


ps. I've put some recipes/techniques to go with some cone 10 pics at this site:

David Malicky
Mechanical Engineering Department
Valparaiso University