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updated wed 28 feb 01


Dannon Rhudy on tue 27 feb 01


....>now, mr. fussbudget, don h. in portland wants me to make nils
>and dannon pots. i would throw myself in the williamet river in spring

No, no, no Mel. He doesn't want you to make my pots. He just wants
you to take my ADVICE. So keep that in mind the next time you have
a problem of any sort. I will be willing to advise you about many
things, better ways to make pots, more durable surfaces, good
spouts and handles, how to see the cone packs in the kiln, how to
have time to keep your wheel clean at day's end, whether
or not to tuck your shirt in, the best kind of boots to wear hunting in
the Minnesota snow, what attire is correct for swimming in the
Willamette in spring - just whatever you feel doubtful about. AND-
my advice is inexpensive -to you, free - and worth every single penny.