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glaze ideas wanted

updated sun 4 mar 01


Stephen Grimmer on sat 3 mar 01

Here's the bronze surface I mentioned. Enjoy.

Bronze Crawl
Not to be used on food surfaces. Don't smoke cigarettes or drive drunk. Sit
up straight. Stop grinning. Don't you laugh at me.
50 Magnesium Carbonate
50 Neph Sy
2 Red Iron Oxide
Spray on copper carbonate.
Fire to Cone 10 R, then buff with some White Diamond on the wheel.


Stephen Grimmer
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

> One of our undergrads was playing around with some high copper/mangannese
>concoctions and found one that came from the kiln flat black, but turned a nice
>bronze after a moment on the buffing wheel. I'll ask him for the recipe
>I'd bet it leaches a bit of copper.
>Stephen Grimmer
>Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

> From: mel jacobson
> mike norman, local minneapolis potter is looking for a
> saturated slip glaze that he can patina.
> he feels it may run more to a slip than a glaze.
> it probably has a great deal of copper in it.
> he will more than likely use an acid on it after firing.
> cone 10, reduction.
> mel