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looking for beginner's kiln/maybe test kiln

updated sun 8 apr 01


Mary & Steve on fri 6 apr 01

Not the tiny Paragon (the one that looks like white paper mache) kiln.
Whatever is one up from that that still works on a household current.
I am starting to be interested in firing my own art pottery tiles
(which I am very good at making the masters and molds but graduating
to actually firing them myself is the next step!). I live in Ann Arbor
and yes, I did try the Art Factory there for firing my stuff (I
actually signed up for the tile class, where I learned a tiny bit of
fill-in info that I didn't either pick up from Frank Giorgini's book
or my own dogged experience) but their glazes are blah and they fire
them too high for what they are (toast, anyone?). You are only allowed
to fire ware made there (a poem!).
If anyone knows anyone that can help out a relatively seasoned
beginner, let me know! Thanks.
I really do enjoy the list and look forward to being able to
comprehend glaze recipes and more intricacies in the future!
Mary Dixon
Ann Arbor MI