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wtb books

updated tue 10 apr 01


Nikki Simmons on mon 9 apr 01

Hi all,

Whoopppeeeeee!!!! My tax refund has arrived, so I am looking for used copies

-INSIGHT 5 Windows Software with Magic of Fire books
(Magic of Fire II & Reference Windows CD)
-Out of the Earth, into the Fire : A Course in Ceramic Materials for the
Studio Potter by Mimi Obstler 2nd edition (January 2001)
-The Potter's Dictionary of Materials and Techniques by Frank Hamer, Janet
Hamer 4th edition (June 1997) I think this is the most recent.
-Singlefiring, I forgot to write down the author.
-A Potter's Workbook by Clary Illian 1999
-Architectural Ceramics for the Studio Potter : Designing, Building,
Installing by Peter King 1999

Nikki Simmons