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looking for a kickwheel & york question

updated sun 6 may 01


primalmommy@IVILLAGE.COM on thu 3 may 01

I keep looking at that little York kickwheel at Axner, thinking it might =
be fun. Something to throw in the van for weekends at the lake. Anybody w=
ho loves or hates theirs, please email me off-list, OK?

Meanwhile, if anybody within 3 or 4 hours of Toledo, Ohio (chicago, cinci=
natti, pittsburg, detroit) has a used kick wheel for sale, can you get in=
touch with me?


Kelly in Ohio

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Ron Collins on fri 4 may 01

----- Ron bought me one several years ago after I made a remark about it
looking cute....he thought it would be good for takes more eff=
to center than I want to expend to make anything decent spash =
either, it's an aerobic workout just to keep it going and get a pot....I
have two electric wheels, and don't need it, and frankly, don't use it
really BUT, if you like coil pots, as I sometimes do, it is great for
that....gentle, quiet, and makes coiling, at least for me, much easier an=
fun....I love Ron, and I love my little kickwheel because he gave it to m=
but not for throwing.....however, it's like the ultimate in