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: looking for a raku glaze

updated mon 7 may 01


F.Melville on sat 5 may 01

I can't say that I remember using it, but here is a Copper Penny raku glaze=
containing yellow ochre taken from (don't laugh) the Reader's Digest 'Craft=
& Hobbies'. Among other things, I taught myself how to bookbind with sewn=
signatures, hard covers, etc. using only the information found in that=20
book, purchased for $5 Canadian in a seconhand store about 10 years ago,=20
and the pottery section is really quite detailed.

Gerstley Borate 80
Potash feldspar 20
Yellow ochre 7
Copper carb. 2
Cobalt carb. 1

I hope you still have a stash of GB.