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looking for books

updated thu 10 may 01


Deb Erikson on mon 7 may 01

I'm looking for the following books. Does anyone have one they'd be =
willing to sell? If so contact me. =20

Burnished Clay by Miriam Licht
Woody Hughes at Peters Valley By Susan Evans

Or if you have a suggestion, I'd be interested. I am interested in =
burnishing and using terra sig to create a soft sheen. =20


vince pitelka on tue 8 may 01

I have had good luck with and
- Vince

Vince Pitelka
Appalachian Center for Crafts
Tennessee Technological University
1560 Craft Center Drive, Smithville TN 37166
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615/597-6801 ext. 111, fax 615/597-6803

Celia Littlecreek on tue 8 may 01

I have noticed that lots of people on the list would like to find used
books. I use a very effective and reliable service provided by Sam Welle=
books in Utah. It may take a little time, but they have always been able=
provide a used title I have been wanting. They have even found out of pr=
books and even new (current) used books. Their email address is, their website, I have seen ot=
clayarters providing disclaimers. I don't know why this is done. Today,=
am a conformer, so I provide the following disclaimer. I am not associat=
with Sam Weller Books, just a happy customer.

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Ron Collins on tue 8 may 01

Woody Hughes at Peters Valley is an article, not a book, written in the
June, July, Aug, 1993 issue of Ceramics Mo. I have tried quite a few of =
glazes and terra sigs. Some work and some don't. What doesn't for me is
the blue/black and maroon terra sigs....a good one is the white terra sig
containing zircopax, kaolin and talc..not really a shiny one,but we are a=
to use it on dry clay to get an opaque white look to the clay body when b=
dry, rather than the students remembering to get white slip on while leat=
hard. I have to put a white slip under my crackle glaze, and this one wor=
well.....there are lots of interesting things in the article....Melinda i=