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fw: re: looking for books and burnishing

updated thu 10 may 01


Rod, Marian, and Holly Morris on wed 9 may 01

Just returned from AZ where I went to a workshop with Toby Longface in
Tombstone. We burnished bone dry ware using bacon grease. Don't ask me why,
but it worked like a charm. We used NO terra sig, but we were polishing on a
porcelainous clay. Came out of the pit shiny and gorgeous.

When I came home, I tried olive oil on Rod's Bod, since I don't eat bacon,
and I didn't trust porcelain with my newfound skill. It also worked just
fine, though I lost a bit of the burnish in the bisque, perhaps because of
the lack of terra sig.

Paint on the oil or grease, let it "dry" a bit, then polish away. I was
surprised since I had always burnished on leather hard ware.

Marian, now back in Michigan