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looking for unglazed tiles

updated mon 11 jun 01


Anji Henderson on sat 9 jun 01

Aftosa....... You can buy one tile or cases....



Good art does not have to match your sofa!!

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Cynthia Byer on sat 9 jun 01

Hi, I statrted to make and sell hand painted clocks. I have been using =
8x8 tiles that I buy at Home Depot. They are glazed and require a lot of =
work before they hold the paint. I saw unglazed pottery at the Clay Pen =
in West Hartford that would be fine in blanks for what I need. Clay Pen =
sugessted B & W Ceramics in Texas, but I found them in California. Could =
anyone tell me a sourse for unglazed tiles. Those that I saw in Clay Pen =
were pure white.I can buy quantity.Thank you