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looking for turquoise high fire glaze - and future tours

updated mon 23 jul 01


Ian Currie on sun 22 jul 01


>A good recipe to start might be Bev's Cu2 listed on page 81 of my latest
>book, with a photo of one of Hank Murrow's pots. I will Cc Hank and Bev to
>see if I can post the recipe on Clayart for you.

Hank got back to me saying "Certainly, but stress the safety testing needed
for dishes."

John also got back saying that he already has my book. For those still
lacking a copy:

Bev's Cu2 - Cone 10 ox.:
60 Custer Feldspar
30 Barium Carb
5 Zinc Oxide
5 EPK (a fairly pure kaolin)
+4% Copper Carbonate

Better still, go to my website and learn how the grid method works. (You can
get a book there too.)

Better still yet.... Organize for me to do a 2 day workshop at your local
college, club, campus, or cottage verandah (I've done the lot!). I am
currently organizing tours in the US in the spring and fall of 2002.... and
in 2003 in US, UK, Europe through to Iceland (attending a wedding there in
September 2003!) Anyone seriously interested in organizing a workshop
should contact me off-list: